Still Standing Strong

Still Standing Strong

Your access to midwifery care within multiple settings of your own choosing is part of your reproductive rights in California. These rights have long been minimized by our health care system, state legislation, and the state boards that regulate midwifery care.

2014 has been a pivotal year in the fight to protect those rights.

2015 promises to resolve (and/or bury) the contradictory and often confusing issues at last.

This blog is dedicated to those wishing to examine the history of the problem, to document the process of its resolution, and to collaborate in the construction of honest solutions.

Stand By Your Midwife began as a defense organization; providing emotional, collegial, and financial support to two dear Certified Nurse Midwives under an unjust and expensive prosecution by the Board of Registered Nurses. The result of that hearing has had a¬†profound and immediate impact on Californian’s right to Nurse Midwife assistance in a home birth. You can track posts and receive updates here as we publish transcripts from the hearing and document the Board’s “kafkaesque”¬†probationary demands.

Stand By Your Midwife is now evolving as a grassroots political force. We invite you to stay educated and join us as we challenge and shape legislation to come. There is legislation already in place that has radically empowered your birth choices. Your participation, influence, and voice will help to extend the rule of law further to protect your family and the midwives that provide you the safest possible care.





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